Colour & Exposure Workshop with JAKE HICKS

Colour & Exposure Workshop with JAKE HICKS


This Jake’s AMAZING long exposure creative gels workshop and WILL simply blow you mind!


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Jake Hicks Photography – Colour & Exposure Workshop

After the continued success of my Coloured Gels workshop I was often asked what new ideas I had for my next lighting workshop. I decided to ask followers of my work what if anything they’d love to learn how to shoot for themselves. The same type of technique and images kept being brought up and it was of course my long-exposure studio imagery. These images have always been a topic of discussion online, from those that say it can only be achieved in post-production to those that think it’s done with double exposures. So I decided to demystify the whole process and after several months of preparation I’ve put together a comprehensive workshop dedicated to teaching you guys how to get these visually stunning and intricate images for yourselves.

My new Colour & Exposure workshop is something I’m very proud of and I think you guys will love what I have planned for the day’s events. As with all of my workshops this will be an educational day where I give you the attendee, the skills and knowledge to be able to setup and recreate these shots in your own studio and photo-shoots. Even though this is about the learning and the transferring of skills, everybody will get plenty of shooting time during each of the setups so all attendees with walk away on the day with memory cards brimming with awesome shots.

How the day of the workshop will be broken down:

  • Introductions
  • A theory session where I go through many factors that we need to know before we dive straight in to shooting.
  • The first session is where I will build several simpler lighting setups to demonstrate the knowledge covered in the theory session. The morning’s first shoot set-up will culminate in a more complex final mixed temperature lighting set-up that we can all take pictures of and work with the model to capture some great shots.
  • Break for lunch
  • The second shooting session of the day is where we will take what we learnt in the morning about colour temperatures and introduce long exposures into the mix. This next setup will work with more lights and get the shooter to think about how their camera movement affects the shots when the shutter is open for extended periods.
  • The third and final shooting stage of the day will introduce yet more elements so that we are now working with multiple lights, coloured temperatures, coloured gels plus model and photographer movement. This final setup may sound complicated and although it is, the whole day’s learning has been building to this stage and by the time we get here we will be well equipped to capture some truly unique and stunning imagery
  • . The Colour & Exposure workshop will take place at Amersham Studios on the outskirts of London UK. I have held many workshops here and they have an excellent space and facilities. Amersham is also situated on the tube network it provides easy access to both local and international attendees alike.

 Long espouse studio images needn't always include coloured gels, but when it does, it can add a whole extra layer of interest that really brings an image to life and makes it pop off the page.  In its most simplistic form, long exposure photography can just be about being creative, playing with ideas and most importantly, creating something completely unique with every shot you take.


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