This is a brand new Jake Hicks workshop containing ALL NEW completely exclusive and never released before content and techniques.
Nothing covered in this workshop is covered in any of my other workshops, nor does the imminent release of his Gelled Lighting video contain anything from this workshop.


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After the continued success of my inaugural Coloured Gels Workshop nearly a year ago I was often asked what new ideas I had for my next lighting workshop. I decided to ask followers of my work what if anything they’d love to learn how to shoot for themselves. The same type technique and images kept being brought up and it was of course my long-exposure studio imagery. These images have always been a topic of discussion online, from those that say it can only be achieved in post-production to those that think it’s done with double exposures. So I decided to demystify the whole process and after several months of preparation I’ve put together a comprehensive workshop dedicated to teaching you guys how to get these visually stunning and intricate images for yourselves.

Brand New Jake Hicks Advanced workshop 2016     Brand New Jake Hicks Advanced workshop 2016     Brand New Jake Hicks Advanced workshop 2016

My new Colour & Exposure workshop is something I’m very proud of and I think you guys will love what I have planned for the days events. As with all of my workshops this will be an educational day where I give you the attendee the skills and knowledge to be able to setup and recreate these shots in your own studio and photo shoots. Even though this is about learning and transferring skills, everybody will get plenty of time during each of the setups to take plenty of photographs with their own cameras so all attendees with walk away on the day with memory cards brimming with awesome shots.

How the day of the workshop will be broken down:

  • Introductions
  • A theory session where I go through many factors that we need to know before we dive straight in to shooting.
  • The first session is where I will build several simpler lighting setups to demonstrate the knowledge covered in the theory session. This mornings first shoot setup will culminate in a more complex final mixed temperature lighting setup that we can all take pictures of and work with the model to capture some great shots.
  • Break for lunch
  • The second shooting session of the day is where we will take what we learnt in the morning about colour temperatures and introduce long exposures into the mix. This next setup will work with more lights and get the shooter to think about how their camera movement effects the shots when the shutter is open for extended periods.
  • The third and final shooting stage of the day will introduce yet more elements so that we are now working with multiple lights and coloured temperatures, coloured gels and model and photographer movement. This final setup may sound complicated and although it is, the whole days learning has been building to this stage and by the time get here we will be well equipped to capture some truly unique and stunning imagery.




The course will be kept to a small group of 9 attendees so there will be plenty of time for everybody to shoot and experience dealing with long exposures for themselves. I have also spent a long time putting together a comprehensive guide that I will be using during the theory part of this workshop. All attendees will receive this via PDF after the workshop so although I welcome you to take your own notes, you don’t need to worry about scribbling things down and miss something important when I’ve done it all for you.

But it doesn’t stop there, after the workshop I will setup a private Facebook group online for all the attendees on the day. In here we can discuss ideas, share shots and ask me questions that perhaps didn’t present themselves to you on the day. I take training very seriously and I am always more than happy to offer feedback and advice to anybody that attends one of my workshops.

If all of the workshops I’ve held up until this point are anything to go by, then this will be a great day filled with like minded, easy going people from all walks of life. I have yet to meet anybody who didn’t leave one of my workshops absolutely brimming with new ideas and creativity.

“I attended the Jake Hicks Gelled Lighting Workshop and it’s by far the best investment I’ve made.  The whole day was well organised and professional. Jake is a great guy, very creative and talented and he is also prepared to disclose all his tips to allow us to create great shots. Big thanks to Jake and his team for a great day. Can’t wait for the next workshop!” -Paul Williams – West Sussex

“I entered a new level of studio photography after attending the Jake Hicks Gelled Lighting Workshop. Jake is a great tutor who delivers a unique learning experience which is fun, informative and thoroughly inspirational. Not only did he provide us with lots of practical advice and honest feedback during the workshop but he was still supplying us lots more information and recommendations in the following days. Therefore it’s not surprising that he’s managed to build a fantastic community of workshop attendees from all around the World. It’s also worth pointing out that the fundamentals and techniques covered on the day can also be applied to white lighting.” – Gus Gregory – Plymouth

Thanx for yesterday Jake, I’ve been to a few different courses in past years and yours are without doubt the most informed, relaxed, and complete l have been on, also the banter between you and Dan (my assistant) was funny and made the whole day relaxed, look forward to coming to Amersham Studios again -Poochi Purtill – Devon



I am expecting this new workshop to sell out quickly as I know a lot of people have been asking for this but as a thank you to those that sign up to the first ever Colour & Exposure Workshop I will be gifting each of the 9 attendees a brand spanking new ‘Utility Gels’ pack on the day. Each of these Utility gel packs contain everything you need to colour balance and manage the exposure of light to recreate these looks in your own shoots.



– What skill level is this Colour & Exposure Workshop aimed at?
The skills and techniques taught in the workshop are aimed at the intermediate to advanced skill levels so a prior knowledge of off-camera lighting is preferred and advised. That being said if you’re not sure then I am happy to help and advise personally so by all means get in touch if you’re questioning if this course is for you and remember I will be setting everything up for you and explaining it so you will be under no pressure. You will not be tested at the end of the day 😉

– Can I share the images I take on the day?
Absolutely, in fact I encourage it. These are your shots that you’ve taken so you may do with them as you wish. The only stipulation is that although sharing on social media sites is fine, you cannot sell these images and use them commercially.

What do I need to bring on the day?
A digital camera and a fist full of memory cards, that’s it! Ideally the digital camera will have a hot-shoe and you can of course bring a pad and pen if you’d like to take notes. We will be shooting headshots and 3/4 length model shots so an appropriate lens is also advised. A zoom lens will probably be more convenient but anything from 50mm – 85mm/105mm should be fine.

Is this the best workshop for me if I want to take better gelled lighting shots?
Although I do use gels in this workshop it is not the focus of the day so if you are looking to find out everything there is to know about gelled lighting then why not try my very popular Gelled Lighting Workshop.

Do I need to attend your Gelled Lighting Workshop before this one?
No, although all of my workshops work in conjunction and contain shared concepts and styles they are also stand-alone learning exercises where you can choose to attend one without prior knowledge of the others.



Here’s a peek behind the scenes on Jake’s All New Colour & Exposure workshop to give you a flavor.

Bear in mind two things in mind:

  1. All images shot by Jake or the students are straight out of camera and there is NO Photoshop involved whatsoever!
  2. We’ve blacked out the studio for these long exposures, but my trusty FujiFilm XT-1 is doing it’s best by modeling light alone:

dscf3155-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-fb dscf3160-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-fb dscf3180-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-fb dscf3188-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-fb dscf3194-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-blog dscf3202jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-blog dscf3209jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-blog dscf3210-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-blogdscf3239-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-fb  dscf3243-jake-hicks-advanced-workshop-blog



Here’s a couple of shots straight out of camera from people you’ve been on the workshop previously:

11224287_10154647752401912_5844366411055799989_o 14633529_10154658653061912_5123853093226881776_o 14691240_10154651411461912_5046070278247240912_o 14700858_10157501276310431_5798122189447165516_o 14711500_10157507412625431_5956649201141165632_o


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