Taking nice pictures is not enough to be a successful photographer. It takes a well thought out business strategy and crucially a good understanding of how the process of selling yourself works.

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Is this for me?

This course is for any photographer wanting to get hired for any sort of commercial work.

Why will this make me a better photographer?

Taking nice pictures is not enough to be a successful photographer. It takes a well thought out business strategy and crucially a good understanding of how the process of selling yourself works.

Photographer Tim Wallace is an absolute master in this field – he is the driving force and creative mind behind Ambient Life and works internationally with many high end brands.

Key Learning points:

In this business based session he will take you through the thought and work process of building up a successful photography business to achieve a positive global reputation, positioning yourself successfully within your chosen industry. This is something that Tim is very aware of having built a successful business himself and a respected name over recent years from scratch.

The seminar will help you to look at how to start making the right informed choices, the questions that you need to ask yourself, and how to set a clear vision for your own path to success rather than just ‘hope’ things work out for you. You will learn how to think laterally about your brand and direction, style of work and industry sector and how those differ and demand different approaches. Tim will look at how to approach agencies and how to effectively make those first steps and approaches to clients. And most of all and utterly crucially it will be about understanding your position better within the field and how to put yourself and your work across in such a way that your clients understand your benefits to them and not just that you can take nice pictures. It is about becoming a monster in your industry and creating a need for what you do and not just sitting there and waiting for the phone to ring.

– Focus your business (specialise) and understand why this is so important
– Planning your strategy for winning and approaching clients
– Understand and ‘decide’ your place and in which level of the market you actually operate within
– To understand how to recognize and learn what your clients needs are
– How to add ‘value’ – don’t just take pictures, understand their business
– Building a portfolio effectively, and not just of your pictures
– Marketing yourself and presenting your work to the Clients as a business
– Understanding the minefield of commercial quotes and licensing

Note: Tim mainly works in the automotive, logistics and aviation industry but this seminar is for all kinds of photographers as it is discussing the core principles of good and effective business within commercial photography.

Delegates should:

– Bring Notebook and pen
– An Open Mind…

What’s included?

Amersham Studios is the UK’s foremost photography training center and working studio. We’ve created a warm friendly environment where no question is a stupid question and all makes and models of cameras are welcome. You’ll get to play with the latest gear, spend time with our experts and leave a better photographer.

We limit the number of attendee to small numbers to ensure we deliver a world class experience.

As with all Amersham Studios courses will be providing:
– FREE transport to and from Amersham Station.
– Kick ass coffee, refreshments and cucumber water.
– A scrumptious buffet lunch (We’ll ask about any dietary requirements by email a week before the workshop)

Our Experts Credentials:

Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. As an award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim is very well known within the automotive car industry for his creativity and open approach and he is regarded by many as one of today’s leading commercial automotive car photographers with a unique strong style of work and creative approach that inspires not only his clients but also their customers – something that was reflected recently when he was awarded ‘International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Car Photographer of the Year’ at the Industry Awards. Shooting campaigns for car manufacturers such as Peugeot with their recent ‘Fractal’ concept car for its campaign and launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show Tim’s work is well respected for its originality and quality. In recent years, Tim started to expand his business into new fields such as the aviation industry.

Tim’s work has been published all over the World and he has been referred to as one of most creative photographers within his specialised field of commercial automotive photography. A man who greatly inspires others, not only within his own industry but beyond, Tim’s view of all this is a little more straight forward, a man who’s very well known for his down to earth attitude, his feet are very firmly on the ground. His desire to produce creative work has driven him from a very young age at the point he first picked up a camera.

“Photography is for me simply a creative passion, the ability to use light and form to capture in a single solitary image what I see within my own imagination at that point in time…”

Not quite what you are after?

We now offer a number of bespoke workshops we’ve developed and deliver for the The Royal Photographic Society and will be adding more shortly.

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