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October 16, 2018
October 16, 2018 (All day)



Step off the express train for a while and let Clare Louise take you on an exciting journey. Join us and learn to open your mind and unlock your true potential . Dare you accept this challenge….you may never be the same again!

Do it for you..the train may not stop at your station again!

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Is this for me?

As creatives we are often trying to find the space to live our lives following what lights us up. Yet we spend most of our time feeling short of breath from running busy lives and businesses, trying to catch up or get ahead so that someday we can be the creative we’ve always wanted to be.

Even with good intentions and goals, we often have difficulty in making ‘it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ maybe. Partly because we have focused on the goal as the means of fulfilment, putting the emphasis in the wrong place. Creativity is not something you can buy or own … it is a way of living.

In this workshop Clare Louise will take you on a journey, through visualisation, written exercises and group discussion, inviting you to get curious, challenging you to dream big, be authentic, uncover the hidden picture within and take your next steps.


How will this help you as a Photographer?

Many photographers struggle to reach their full potential, define their creative voice and, or even grow a profitable business they love. This workshop has been designed as a foundation step to look deeper at your goals and dreams and help you map out a clear direction for your year ahead.

What you will need – a pen, paper, open mind and permission to switch off the outside world and gift yourself time to focus on you.



What we will cover:
Introduction to Clare Louise and The Art of Creative Living

A Creative Pause
Before you step forward into 2018, take time to really understand what works and where your challenges are is a fundamental part of creating positive change. Focusing on what you need to do more of and what you need to stop doing helps you know what your all important next steps are.

To enable you to take charge of your photographic goals and dreams understanding your why, knowing your vision and aligning your personal values with your goals enables you to create a goal with soul that you are connect to passionately.

Most creatives suffer with lack of self belief, confidence, anxiety, procrastination, which can often feel overwhelming and cause procrastination, creative block or creative avoidance, stopping photographers moving forwards with their goals and dreams.

Uncover your inner critique, the self saboteur, and have a deeper understanding of when they appear in your life, connect with your inner leader and explore how you can take back control to create transformational change .

Your unique blue print to success. What can you achieve? What do you need to do to take your next steps? What do those next steps look like? What resources do you already have to take your next steps?

The Hidden Picture Within
Discover the hidden picture within you, who are you as an authentic creative? What image are you ready to take? Unlock your next ‘big’ picture, connect, and get ready to shoot from the soul.


Who is Claire Louise?

I am the founder of Creating Creativity.  A proud Mother, creative thinker, fine art photographer, business owner, international photographic judge and qualifications examiner, inspirational speaker and an award winning photographer with a fellowship in Fine Art. I’ve been CEO of an international association for over 4 years. Today I’m a coach, consultant and mentor with over 15 years experience in the photographic industry.
I understand from experience the challenges and frustrations most small creative business owners face. I’ve travelled the world exploring creativity and discovering it. I love sharing my knowledge with like minded people who are committed to taking action and following their dreams.


Not quite what you are after?

We now offer a number of bespoke workshops we’ve developed and deliver for the The Royal Photographic Society and will be addingmore shortly.

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