Cinematic Studio Lighting with JAKE HICKS

Cinematic Studio Lighting with JAKE HICKS

February 12, 2022 10:00 am
February 12, 2022 5:00 pm
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Amersham Studios are proud to present Jake Hicks Brand New 2021 Cinematic Lighting Workshop.

This Cinematic Studio Lighting workshop has been a long-time coming and it’s by far my most detailed and ambitious workshop to date. At this new workshop, I’ll be sharing all new lighting ideas, kit and setups, plus I’ll be explaining how you can easily construct and light small sets and scenes in a studio environment. Let me show you how to bring the location, to the studio!

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Amersham Studios are proud to present Jake Hicks brand new 2021 workshop…


Cinematic Studio Lighitng Workshop2.jpg

Cinematic Studio Lighting

This Cinematic Studio Lighting workshop has been a long-time coming and it’s by far my most detailed and ambitious workshop to date. At this new workshop, I’ll be sharing all new lighting ideas, kit and setups, plus I’ll be explaining how you can easily construct and light small sets and scenes in a studio environment. Let me show you how to bring the location, to the studio!

Perfectly light the scene and the subject will follow

One of the core differences between regular studio lighting and the cinematic lighting that I’ll be sharing at this workshop, is the ability to light a scene in such a way so that the subject can exist within it and look good wherever they are.

All too often we get obsessed with lighting the subject perfectly, but the background or scene around them takes a backseat. Sadly, this can often let the final image down.

This workshop really will change the way you view lighting as I know it did for me. Yes I will be covering a huge amount on the day, but this won’t be super-technical either as I’ll take you through each and every setup and everyone will get plenty of time with our professional model on the day to shoot each of the sets I build in front of you.

Like I said, this is by far and away my most ambitious workshop to date. It’ll certainly be a very packed day and I very much hope to see you there as explain everything I know about Cinematic Studio Lighting.

So, if you’re interested in learning about how to create and build small-sets in your own space, and you’re interested in learning how to light your subjects beautifully as byproduct of lighting those custom sets beautifully, this is the workshop for you.

JakeHicksPhotography_GS (19 of 19).jpg

Is this workshop right for you?

The foundational core of this workshop is to explain and show you numerous cinematic lighting techniques that you may not have heard of. All of these techniques have been adapted by me so that we as stills shooters can easily implement them into our work without the need to go out and purchase a ton of new kit and tools.

Everything taught at my Cinematic Studio Lighting workshop uses photographic lights and strobes you likely already own and I’ll be modifying those lights with a standard selection of modifiers you’re already accustomed to. Even if you don’t own some of these modifiers, I’ll be showing you how to create alternative and cost-effective DIY modifiers to get the same effect.

Lastly, I’ve adopted these cinematic lighting ideas and used them as part of mini-sets that I’ll be building and showing you on the day. Again, these mini-sets can all be recreated by yourself in your own studios and can even work in smaller home studio spaces as well.

JakeHicksPhotography_GS (8 of 19).jpg

What to expect on the day of my Cinematic Studio Lighting Workshop

4 shoots in 1 day – Yes, I’ll be explaining a ton of new lighting ideas, techniques and theories in the morning over a coffee, but the vast majority of the day will be spent with us lighting and shooting my 4 mini-sets in the studio.

How to build mini-sets yourself – One of the core ideas behind this new workshop is how to bring the location to you and whether that be in your own studio or your own home, there are things anyone can do to completely transform their space for a shoot.

Time with our professional model – Each and every attendee will have plenty of time with our professional editorial model on the day. You’ll be shooting with the model on each and every set and you’ll each get plenty of time to get all the shots you need.

Your images – All of the images you take with our model on the day are yours to keep and use as you see fit. Your images can be used in your portfolio, website and of course, social media.

All new lighting techniques – As many of you are aware, I have a whole host of other lighting workshops available, but my new Cinematic Studio Lighting workshop will be sharing entirely new lighting techniques and theories. So whether you’ve been to all of my previous workshops or not, everything taught here will be invaluable skills to have in your lighting repertoire.

Your own comprehensive workbook of notes – As with all of my workshops, all attendees on the day will receive a comprehensive pdf of notes. This workbook will include everything I discuss and explain on the day including lighting theories, step by step guides on building the featured DIY lighting modifiers as well all of the detailed lighting diagrams with 3D renders and clearly marked kit lists.

Post Production tips – Although I won’t spend a huge amount time solely dedicated to post-production, I will be advising on certain processing tips for each of the setups throughout the day. Plus all attendees will receive my Cinematic Studio Lighting Lightroom Preset collection for free.

JakeHicksPhotography_GS (4 of 19) lighter.jpg

All new lighting techniques to share

During this full-day workshop you’ll learn new lighting techniques that go far beyond the standard ‘3-point’ lighting we ordinarily use for stills photography. Here are some of the lighting topics and ideas I’ll be covering:

  • How to effectively use environmental lights (‘practicals’) in-shot,

  • How to precisely ‘flag’ and control large, soft, light sources. Even in small spaces.

  • How to add depth to your shot with atmosphere and camera tricks. Again, many of these will even work in small spaces too.

  • I’ll explain and show you new lighting techniques like ‘upstage’ lighting. An extremely popular cinematic lighting style that is almost never used by stills shooters.

  • Another popular cinematic lighting technique I’ll be using on the day is ‘cove’ lighting. Again, this is remarkably versatile and very effective, especially if you ever have to light more than one person.

  • Yet another of my new favourite lighting setups is ‘book’ lighting. This lighting technique enables you to create beautifully soft light in small spaces, but more importantly, with the right modifications, this gorgeous soft light can be completely controlled to go exactly where you want it.

This is just a small example of the new lighting ideas I’ll be sharing with you, and as usual, I’ve kept the best little DIY lighting tricks to myself until I see you on the day. Rest assured, I’ll be sharing everything on the day and I’ll be giving you detailed notes and pictures on how everything is achieved for you to take away too.

As I was doing the research for this event and putting the lighting into practice myself, I was immediately staggered by how overlooked so many of these cinematic lighting techniques are to many stills photographers. On the day, I’ll show you why all of these new skills can be invaluable if you want to make your studio lighting look more authentic and believable, whilst also including the backgrounds of your images and treating them as a subject as well.

The lighting setups I’ll be covering on the day

Everybody will get plenty of time with our model on the day with each of these setups to take their photos.

setup 1 lighter 2 sharp.jpg

Setup 1

We’ll be starting off nice and simple as we discuss little sets that can be put together almost anywhere. This first set for example can be put up in tiny rooms and spaces and it can even be quickly deconstructed and adapted in a number of different ways.

The other aspect of this setup we’ll be delving into is of course the lighting and how we can utilise and combine ‘hot-lights’ or continuous lights with flash. Mixing multiple light sources on set is a very common occurrence in cinematic lighting, so I’ll also be going over how we can control colour temperature with our settings and colour balancing gels to achieve some very engaging looks in-camera.

setup 2 lighter2 sharp.jpg

Setup 2

Next up we’ll be adding another dimension to the set and discuss how to introduce and implement depth into your scene, even if you’re limited on space.

The one key aspect that the extra depth in this set affords us, is the ability to use an extremely popular cinematic lighting technique that nearly every film uses, but yet we so rarely see it in still photography in the studio. I’ll show you some easy ways to implement this lighting and without any fancy modifiers too.

One other major factor of cinematic lighting is colour and here I will discuss colour theory in cinema and how we push our viewers perception of colour within our shots too.

setup 3 lighter sharp.jpg

Setup 3

After lunch we’ll get into the slightly larger sets and here I’ll start to talk about using some incredibly beautiful and soft lighting techniques. Again, I’ll share some methods of modifying the light from film sets and give you suggestions on how to adapt your current lights to get the same look. And of course, no new lighting technique from me is complete without some very viable DIY modifiers as alternatives.

It is also in this setup where I will talk about mixing hot-lights with flash as part of your core lighting and not just as decoration. With this controlled ambient light, we can then shoot at a slightly slower shutter speed to get a more organic and natural look to our shots without compromising on quality.

setup 4 lighter sharp.jpg

Setup 4

For this final setup of the day, I will show you one of my all-time favourite new lighting techniques. In fact, this setup actually uses 3 brand new lighting techniques that I’ve never shared anywhere else and the light and flexibility they offer is truly remarkable.

The lighting here is achieved with standard lights, but I’m using some clever DIY lighting modifiers to get some stunning results, not just on the model, but the entire set. It’s with these new-found techniques that I am now able to easily light any small space beautifully and naturally so that the subject can effortlessly exist within that scene and be lit wherever they are.

Last but not least, I’ve also developed a very clever way to bring any scene into the background of a set that is both easy to achieve and cheap to do. And to those of you who know my previous work well, no this is not done with projectors!

Plus, all attendees on the day will also receive:

Cine faux pan pdf eg.jpg

My complete PDF workbook of notes from the day.

This PDF of notes includes all the lighting techniques and ideas discussed throughout the event as well as comprehensive lighting diagrams of all the lighting setups discussed and shot too. I know a lot of educators don’t include the notes with their workshops, but I want you to be watching and concentrating on what’s being taught, not scribbling down your own notes for later.

Cine Presets.jpg

All attendees will also receive a collection of 16 Lightroom Presets for my Cinematic Studio Lighting setups taught at this workshop.

I get asked for this at every workshop, so I finally caved and decided I would equip all attendees with a selection of my own personal Lightroom presets for each of the lighting setups we’ll be learning on the day. I’ve selected 4 of my favourite and most versatile presets for each of the setups taught resulting in 16 Lightroom presets for you to keep and use in your own work.

product links.jpg

Useful Links

This workshop contains a ton of new items you may not have. Some our photography and lighting related and many are set building related. As with all of my events, all attendees will receive a comprehensive list of useful links to all the items I talk about and recommend.

6 reviews for Cinematic Studio Lighting with JAKE HICKS

  1. TradeSecrets

    “I had a FANTASTIC day yesterday and really enjoyed the education. 1,000 thank you’s.
    This is by far the best photographic educational experience I have had (and I’ve done one or two) and hat-tip to you two. I’ll be back very soon.” – Adrian, 2021

  2. TradeSecrets

    “Fantastic stuff, totally inspirational, Jake made very complex ideas seem very simple” – Dan, 2021

  3. TradeSecrets

    “out, bloody, standing!!” – Adrian, 2021

  4. TradeSecrets

    “Yet another amazing workshop Jake, worth every penny!” – Simon, 2021

  5. TradeSecrets

    “Jake is a great teacher and a fantastic craftsman – outstanding workshop” – Devon, 2021

  6. TradeSecrets

    “I flew in from California for the day and it was worth every dollar!” – James, 2021

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