Creatively Simple workshop with JAKE HICKS

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Creatively Simple workshop with JAKE HICKS

January 22, 2022 10:00 am
January 22, 2022 5:00 pm


Amersham Studios are proud to present Jake Hicks ever popular Gelled Lighting Workshop.

Jake will be sharing his secrets including colour theory, lighting recipes you can try, take away and make your own.

This is a full days workshop with plenty of time for you to develop your skills and shoot an amazing new model under Jake’s keen eye.

It’s a great opportunity to develop or refresh your look with this ‘bang on trend, blow your clients socks off look’.

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The pastel gels workshop is back! - Sign up now.

The pastel gels workshop is back! – Sign up now.

Creatively Simple Lighting Workshop

My new Creatively Simple Lighting Workshop was born from a desire to try and debunk a common misconception about creative lighting. Great images are not beholden to the idea that you need loads of lights and tons of gear. Sure, you can get some fantastic images with a lot of shiny new photo gear, but it certainly isn’t a prerequisite to capturing eye-catching and engaging imagery that will hold your viewers attention.

This workshop will show you how to take phenomenally creative photographs that revolve around having a lot lighting skill, not a lot of lighting gear.

Three barriers currently holding your creativity back

One of the key reasons I was moved to write this workshop, was because I was continually being asked these same three questions;

1. “I don’t own any strobes, so can that setup you’ve shown us be achieved with speedlights?”

2. “I only have two flashes, can ‘x’ technique be achieved with only a two-head kit?”

3. “I don’t have access to a studio. Is it possible to achieve ‘x’ lighting in a small space like my home?”

Everything I teach at this workshop will be achievable with speedlights, I’ll explain versions of the setups that make them possible with only two flashes and they’ll all be achievable in a small space like your home.

So not only will I be providing you with the skills to master lighting with limited gear, but I’ll also be providing ideas on how to think creatively with your lighting gear too. I’ll offer DIY alternatives to modifiers and light shapers that are available on any budget so there really is no excuse to not see an immediate and marked improvement in your lighting.

“Absolutely loved it! Once in a lifetime experience. Jake is a great instructor who keeps you hooked to the subject. And the studio offers a great coffee :)” -A. Andreeu

The Lighting Set-ups We’ll be Covering on the Day

Everybody will get plenty of time with our model on the day to take their photos.

csl set 1.jpg

Set up 1

The first setup sees us utilising one of the most compact, simple and yet very eye-catching setups I’ve ever taught. In fact, I’m not exaggerating when I say this lighting setup could be achieved in a corridor if you needed to and it can be done with a SINGLE light!

csl set 2.jpg

Setup 2

In an evolution of the first setup, we now increase the visual engagement by adding some subtle colours to our lighting. This not only helps the shot stand out, but it also gives our subject this beautiful warm glow.

This setup also gives us the opportunity to introduce those subtle flare effects into the foreground of our shot via the ‘Shoot-Thrus’ that come with this workshop.

Plus, this setup can be achieved in almost any sized space. In fact, smaller spaces actually benefit this particular look. It’ll make sense on the day.

csl set 3.jpg

Setup 3

We now move away from our headshot setups and in the afternoon, we instead focus on our 3/4 quarter body shots. This first setup of those is again, remarkably simple, yet extremely effective.

It’s with this setup that we really start to open up those coloured shadows and see a huge amount of detail in the darker areas of the image. In fact, it’s because of the incredible amount of detail we’re able to capture in the shadows that this is now my more favoured way of shooting gels in recent years.

csl set 4.jpg

Setup 4

It’s this setup that sees us cranking up the difficulty a little as we iterate on the previous setup. Before we had those two beautiful washes of colour, and now we see ourselves adding some layers and depth to that look with background separation and specific model lighting. This setup is fast becoming one of my popular setups and is ofter affectionately referred to simply as ‘the pastel setup’.

If you want to know how to bathe your subject in utterly beautifully soft coloured light, and you want to be able to do it with limited kit and in a small space like a home studio, this is the setup for you.

Setup 5

As we move into the last couple of setups of the day, we crank up the stylised lighting a little and get into our 2 final setups that revolve around coloured shadows.

When I share shots like this, people often assume the coloured shadows are achieved in post-production, Thankfully though, no, these are actually pretty simple to achieve in-camera and once again, yes these can even be achieved in a home-studio and with pretty basic kit.

csl set 6.jpg

Setup 6

For our final lighting technique of the day we add even more colour to our coloured shadows, and although to add two colours involves a completely different lighting technique, I think the extra effort is worth it.

The beautiful colour gradients that you can add to subjects shadows behind them give a very distinctive look, plus they can add a lot interest via colour that doesn’t necessarily affect the rest of the shot. This is certainly a useful trick to know.

“A great facility and a fantastic workshop. I would recommend without hesitation!” -P. Loch

Want to take it to the next level

If you’re one of us who already has multiple lights and wants to take your lighting knowledge to the next level, I’ll also be showing you how to turn some of these simple two light setups into more advanced and dynamic setups with three and four lights too.

So no matter what level your at with your lighting, I really feel this workshop has something for everybody.

PLUS: All attendees on the day will receive a pack of my Shoot-Thrus!

This is my brand new creative product and it’s only available exclusively to workshop attendees.

JakeHicksPhotography (1 of 3) set pan.jpg

Each pack will contain 5 individual Shoot-Thrus

  1. Cubist
  2. Fractal
  3. Spectrum
  4. Hex
  5. Crystal

Every attendee on the day will receive a free pack of my Shoot-Thrus to keep and take away.

Shoot-Thrus are exclusive to Creatively Simple Lighting Workshop attendees.

csl ad 2.jpg

Where will the new workshop be held?

The Creatively Simple Lighting workshop will be held at Amersham Studios. I’ve hosted nearly all of my workshops at Amersham studios over the years as it’s a perfect space to hold all day training events of this size. Amersham is on the London Tube network and provides easy links for a lot of my international attendees, plus the studio manager also provides complimentary pick-ups and drop-offs at the local station if you’re arriving via public transport. Amersham studios will also be providing us with lunch, coffee and snacks throughout the day as well.

Also if you’re planning on traveling and staying over the night before, the studio owner has tons of useful info on the best places to stay locally too. Once you’ve signed up he can help you with any questions you might have.

For more details on Amersham studio and where it’s located, check out the link below.

Course: Creatively Simple Lighting

Format: In-person small group training event

Duration: Full Day

Location: Amersham Studios | London | U.K.

devere latimer estate.jpg
Are you travelling from further afield?

Nearly all of my London workshops have international attendees flying in from all over the world. There are a multitude of options available for places to stay around London, but one of the most popular choices for those attending my workshop is a traditional English estate that is situated just down the road from the studio called De Vere Latimer Estate

Of course there are plenty of reasonably priced and reliable AirBnB situated around the studio too. Feel free to either reach out to myself or the Amersham studio manager Simon for tips and advice on accommodation and travel whilst you’re here.

The studio also offers free pick-up and drop-offs at the nearly Amersham train station too.

“Outstanding eye opening knowledge with unlimited lightbulb moments.” -R. Beattie

If you’d prefer to hear the details in video form, then here’s everything you need to know in 4D JHP’o’Vision!

Creatively Simple Lighting Image Gallery

Clicking on any of the images below will enlarge them to full screen

All of the images shown below were taken at the first Creatively Simple Lighting Workshop of our fantastic model Gabriella Grigo.

Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them to full screen

JakeHicksPhotography (4 of 5) 3.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right lighting workshop for me?

This workshop is squarely aimed at anybody who wants to not only learn the fundamentals of studio lighting but also those who really want to add a creative element to their current fashion and portrait work. Perhaps you’re bored of shooting the same old white background studio images, perhaps you’re looking for a way to add something different and unique to your portrait clients. You want to do all of this but you don’t want to invest a whole ton of money on new equipment. This workshop is aimed at those who are looking to take their lighting to the next level, but want to do it with the kit they already have.

Can you summarise what I’ll take away from attending your Creatively Simple Lighting Workshop?

You’ll learn a core set of skills that can be applied to any lighting situation with any number of lights. I’ll equip you with three fundamental lighting principles that once understood will open up a whole world of creative lighting. I’ll also teach you how I setup 6 incredibly creative lighting setups and then you’ll get the chance to shoot all of those yourself with a professional model. On top of all of that, you’ll walk away with a ton of outstanding pictures plus a copy of my entire comprehensive teaching notes in the form of a pdf.

Jake, I’ve been to all of your other workshops, is there any new content in here for me?

Every single part of this workshop is brand new, nothing taught here has been shared before. For example, the pastel gelled lighting setups in this workshop are not old techniques simply replaced with pastel gels, they are completely new techniques that have been developed specifically to create the gorgeous pastel look.

Do I need any prior knowledge before I arrive?

I strongly believe that this course really is for anybody that is excited about learning more about studio lighting. I set everything up and you can choose to get as involved as much or as little as you like. I would however recommend that you’re familiar with shooting with your camera in manual mode, but if you have some experience of off-camera flash too, that is preferred but not mandatory.

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

Pretty much any camera that can shoot in Manual mode will do and one that has a hot-shoe to trigger the lights. If you’d like to bring a selection of lenses then you can do. A zoom lens that covers a range of at least 50mm-85mm will be fine for the entire day. If you have any 50mm or 85mm primes then feel free to bring those too. I shoot with a Nikon camera so if you’re a Nikon shooter, you’re always welcome to use my lenses too if you like. You can bring a notepad if you like but all attendees will receive a pdf of everything discussed on the day.

Can I use the images I take at the workshop?

You can of course share any pictures you take of the model on your portfolio and on social media but you may not use any of those images for commercial gain. This basically means you can’t sell the shots to stock agencies or get them published in magazines etc.

What if I have a question about something after the workshop has ended?

As with all of my workshops, I will put together a Facebook group after the event for all of the attendees on the day. This is a great place to share the shots you took on the day, connect with the other attendees and of course ask me any questions that you didn’t ask on the day. This is also a great way to get feedback on any future shoots you may have using the skills learned at the workshop too. I take training very seriously so I’m happy to offer advice and feedback as you implement what you’ve learned from my workshops.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there 😀

“Just finished another amazing workshop with the master of gel photography, Mr Jake Hicks. Really can’t recommend Jake’s workshops enough. Not only are they tremendous fun, you’ll learn some amazing things about about light you never realised before. Also, as Jake pointed out, master the colour stuff and lighting people with ‘white’ light will seem like a breeze anytime afterwards.” – S. Butler

“Brilliant workshop learnt so much, recommend very highly!” – D. Reid

“Over the weekend, I went to a Jake Hicks workshop for the first time at Amersham Studios and had a great day. From the start of the day to the end it was just amazing to see it in real time, and Jake explains everything very well and does not rush anything. I learned a lot of new stuff and and had a lot of fun at the same time, his assistant, music producer danlesac was also on hand to help and who is also a very talented guy in his own right and was also on top form. Our model for the day Gabriella Grigo was just amazing as usual. To sum up the day; Absolutely Fantastic and you will not be disappointed plus you will learn plenty and if you’re thinking of booking a workshop don’t hesitate, I will be having another one soon. Thanks to all of you and it was nice to meet all the other ladies and gentlemen that were at the workshop.” – A. Clark


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