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March 11, 2020 10:00 am
March 11, 2020 4:30 am


If you’ve ever wanted to explore long exposure and how to create amazing light painting shots then you’ll love this!  Spend the day learning theory, techniques, tips and shooting 2 x light painting setups.


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Is this for me?

If you’ve ever wanted to explore long exposure and how to create amazing light painting shots then you’ll love this!
You’ll spend the day learning theory, various techniques which will build into the components you’ll need to create an amazing final image.


Why will this make me a better photographer?

We will be covering all aspects of  light painting from setting up your camera, focusing in the dark, equipment and basic kit, spinning the perfect orb, different light painting techniques and effects to create unique images including light painted portraits.

This workshop will be practical based and all participants will get ample opportunity to create their own unique images throughout the day. All participants will receive the notes to the course on paper and pdf to a e-mail address of choice on the day.

Key Learning points:

– Setting up and camera settings
– Focusing your camera in the dark
– Basic equipment, what you can use including items commonly found around the house or easily sourced.
– Different effects you can create from different equipment
– Spinning different styles of orbs
– Planning your pictures
– Light drawing and writing
– Special effects and how to create them yourselves
– Using multiple light painting tools
– Using models and light painting portraits (including light painting for wedding photography).
– Create your own unique light painting pictures
– Advance techniques including light stencilling

Delegates should bring:

DSLR or mirrorless camera with bulb mode, tripod, shutter release, spare batteries or charger.


What’s included?

Amersham Studios is the UK’s foremost photography training center and working studio. We’ve created a warm friendly environment where no question is a stupid question and all makes and models of cameras are welcome. You’ll get to play with the latest gear, spend time with our experts and leave a better photographer.

We limit the number of attendee to small numbers to ensure we deliver a world class experience.

As with all Amersham Studios courses will be providing:
– Gourmet coffee & refreshments.
– A scrumptious buffet lunch (We’ll ask about any dietary requirements by email a week before the workshop)


Our Experts Credentials:


D Dougherty, Photographic Artist, Lecturer
I have always been fascinated by the speed of light and as a child I wondered if you could somehow slow it down and somehow do things with that ability, play with it. What could you do? What would playing with the temperature of light enable you to do?

I began looking at painting with photons and how to create images in the air over ten years ago and have been photographing the results ever since.

Along the way, I have discovered different ways of bringing things to light and have managed to see some amazing visions, creating works that I’m still proud of to this day, years later that still elicit smiles and laughter whenever new eyes see them

I originally performed with LED based dance props i built myself and took this ability on stage and to events. I began to take the photographic side seriously after an injury left me unable to perform. That’s when things started to get really interesting.

Unable to perform at a whim I started looking at how I could create to my own cue and began to see the camera as a projection of my own sight, becoming both director and performer, photographer and subject in one. 

This has led to a deep understanding of the fundamentals of photography and my ability to create works at a level that I’m now able to help others attain.

I have been independently creating both analogue and digital light based long exposure photographic works for over five years now and whilst I enjoy continuing my learning of other disciplines and styles I have taken light painting to its extremes and what I see as its logical conclusions of digitising the effect so as to enable the dropping of text and what I call ‘digital graffiti’ into any photo and capturing depth information with the images themselves so as to enable three dimensional recreation of these long exposures in a virtual space, enabling the walking around and viewing of these light scenes from any angle, turning them from images over there to up close and personal ‘light sculptures’ that are inspectable from any angle and the printing of said from a 3d printer.

This has led to my use of multi-lens cameras and a specialism in immersive and stereoscopic photography for use in virtual and augmented or mixed realities.

I have won multiple competitions, prizes and awards in various categories as im able to gain shots and angles that others either are unable to obtain or just do not see due to their previous knowledge and learning.


Not quite what you are after?

We now offer a number of bespoke workshops we’ve developed and deliver for the The Royal Photographic Society and will be adding more shortly.

Sign up here and we will send you details.


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